An improved downsizing experience.

Estate-Services offers a one-call-solves-it-all solution for planning, packing, moving, staging, storing, decluttering, property clear-outs & hoarder situations, asset appraisal, asset sales, accelerated real estate sales assistance, bridge financing for services provided (paid from real estate sale) and much more.


The Stuff

Sorting & Sifting, Home Staging, Full Cleanout


The Plan

Managing The Move, Estate Paperwork, Senior Community Advice & Selection


The House

Greatest Net Return, Accelerated House Sales


The Move

Packing, Local Relocation, Long-Distance & Storage


The Estate Sale

Selling More Items, For More Money, In Your Time Frame, At Less Cost


The Money

Save $1,000’s, Make $1,000’s, Service Financing

Creating a better life.

Our well-trained staff ensure a seamless downsizing experience. With a clear plan and well-executed action, we deliver less stress and more comfort.